Welcome to Slate Collective


The first spark of Slate Collective came to me in the Fall of 2013, when I was on my own version of an “Eat, Pray, Love" trip. This time in me life was the most lost, unsure, and scared I had ever felt.  But they say that often times of darkness are the catalyst for the birth of something beautiful.

It was in Paris, during my visit to Centre Pompidou, where I came across a piece, painted by Joan Mitchell. I had never heard of her or experienced her work, but I sat there and couldn’t leave the gallery. For about an hour, I just stared at the painting and tried to soak up every detail.  After a while, I thought “Yes, that would be great hanging on the wall of my home, but what I really want is to cover my body in it.” The sensation of wanting it so close to me and to be physically surrounded by it was overwhelming and profound, and a clear turning point for me. It was in this moment that I fully realized my identity as a clothing designer.  And more so, the magnitude and emotion that art could bring shifted the way I wanted to design and planted the seed of what was possible to create in a collection.

The piece that changed my life: Joan Mitchell (1926-1992), "Chasse interdite", 1973

The piece that changed my life: Joan Mitchell (1926-1992), "Chasse interdite", 1973

The other important moment was determining the canvas in which I would honor the art.  I am a person who always strives to be clear and concise, and it certainly has carried over into my designing.  Slate Collective is founded on three silhouettes. The three dresses are all about editing choices, and making thoughtful decisions. For me, I felt it was important to present a focused assortment, and put all the energy into those.  

As a designer, I would rather be really good at these silhouettes, then be OK at a multitude of styles or categories. Consumers are already overwhelmed by choices and fast cycles of trends.  I have made a deliberate decision to implement a pause, and put all my passion, effort, energy, and skill into these styles. These three distinct, modern dresses will flatter different body types or express your unique personality.

My hope is that Slate Collective will be the place you find your favorite dress, or the piece that makes you smile when you put it on.  So welcome, I am glad that you are here.


Allison Quinnell